Founded in 2015, Manoir is a furniture and home decor collection influenced by classic French and European design. We design, manufacture and curate furniture & objects sourced from artisans globally. Made with sustainable materials and hand-finished by expert craftspeople, our unique pieces go directly to our customers from the makers for quick delivery at fair prices. We have been featured in Boston Common, Traditional Home, New England Home, and French Style magazines.


"Manoir was born from a very simple need: beautifully-made, classic French furnishings at fair prices. I was living in London when I noticed the abundance of gorgeous, classic, French furniture available at reasonable prices. I thought, why shouldn't we have that at home? Thus the seed was planted for what would become Manoir: a range of quality-crafted, sustainable, French-inspired furniture. Made in small batches and for our customers only, Manoir’s designs evoke the feeling of finding treasure in the Paris flea market…but with the delight of a new, sustainably-made heirloom piece that won't break the bank. We hope you will be inspired by our site to create your own haven of elegance and comfort, your very own Manoir!"

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