Modern Farmhouse Vs. Swedish Gustavian Style; Which Is You Style?

The Modern Farmhouse and Swedish Gustavian styles are two of the most popular home décor trends in recent years. While rustic-inspired interiors such as these have been around for ages, their popularity has seen a resurgence recently due to a timeless appeal and versatility. Both Modern Farmhouse and Swedish Gustavian convey a relaxed countryside vibe. And while they share some similarities - namely in the use of muted colors and natural materials – they offer different looks overall. The Modern Farmhouse style is laid-back and full of vintage character whereas the Gustavian aesthetic makes an old-world statement of European countryside elegance. So which style speaks to you? Let’s take a closer look at each one:

Modern Farmhouse Style

Modern Farmhouse style is a popular home décor trend that draws inspiration from the traditional rural farmhouses of the past. It is characterized by rustic furniture, distressed finishes, warm colors, natural materials, and simple shapes. This style takes its cues from traditional country homes with its cozy yet chic aesthetic that is perfect for both rural and urban living spaces alike. Some of the defining characteristics of Modern Farmhouse style include: natural materials such as wood, stone and metal, a neutral color palette featuring whites, beiges, grays and blues, reclaimed furniture pieces or antiques and distressed finishes on cabinets and other surfaces. You’ll find plenty of wood accents throughout such as interior barn doors, whitewashed planks on walls or floors plus vintage-inspired lighting fixtures like mason jar pendants or wrought iron chandeliers and a combination of vintage and contemporary decorative accents like throw pillows & rugs. 

Modern Farmhouse style creates a warm yet sophisticated atmosphere in any home. It’s perfect for anyone seeking an updated take on traditional design that still feels comfortable and inviting.

Swedish Gustavian Style


Gustavian style is a Swedish neoclassical design style that was popularized during the reign of King Gustav III in the late 18th century. The defining characteristics of this style are its simplicity, symmetry, and lightness. It combines elements from French Rococo and Neoclassicism with traditional Scandinavian woodworking techniques to create a unique aesthetic. The furniture pieces in Gustavian style often feature straight lines and an overall minimalistic look. They are usually made from light-colored woods such as birch or ash, with painted details like graceful curves or rosettes for added interest. 

Upholstery is typically white or cream-colored linen, velvet, or silk damask fabric with gold accents for a regal touch. The colors used in this period were mostly muted pastels such as pale blues and greens.

Mirrors were also especially important; large gilt frames surrounded by ornate carvings became desirable items during the era’s popularity peak. This light-yet-sophisticated style creates an elegant centerpiece in any room it occupies while also evoking a sense of history with its classical motifs . While this style may not be as casual as modern farmhouse, it still offers plenty of warmth thanks to its soft color palette, handcrafted furnishings and intricate detailing.

In conclusion, while the calming, countryside, vintage feeling of these two styles is similar –as is their use of natural materials– they offer different looks overall depending on your tastes . If you prefer something more relaxed but still full of vintage character then opt for Modern Farmhouse - whereas if you’re looking to make a statement that says laid-back country elegance, then choose Gustavian instead!

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