Manoir: New Year, New Look and Behind the Scenes

At Manoir, we are busy in 2023 getting ready for our relaunch this year.  After a "pandemic-pause," we are back at it, and excited to bring back our original collection and offer some new pieces as well. Above is a sneak peak at our look, which will be revealed when we launch our newly designed website next month. In the meantime, our continuing story is a journey and one I want to share to shed light on how our pieces found their way into the world!

So how did Manoir come about? I was living in London when I noticed the abundance of gorgeous, classic, French furniture available at what I like to call "non-couture" prices. I thought, wow - this is exciting!  But why shouldn't we have this at home in the U.S.? So, the seed was planted.  Now, the journey....

Some people like to collect, shoes, some people like to collect handbags - sadly (for my family!), I like to collect furniture.  I wouldn't say I have a "problem"... but my husband might disagree! 😐  In any event, a few years ago, my family and I were living in London on a temporary assignment and I saw it as my "duty" to stock up on things I knew I couldn't find back home in the U.S..  It began with a pair of antique Gustavian chairs, bought at a Chelsea Antiques fair....and yes, I lugged them down the street myself to save on delivery!

Above is a photo of one of the two chairs, with Manoir's "Still Life Apple and Jug" (another piece that was inspired by an art fair in Chelsea).  My excitement in finding these treasures continued to grow.  A pilgrammage to the famous Paris Flea Markets (the Marché aux Puces de Saint-Ouen) led me to this gorgeous gilt-gold trumeau mirror, which now occupies pride-of-place in my dining room. 

And so continued my acquisitions of various treasures, all obtained at "non-couture" prices, from which I took inspiration to produce Manoir's line of french furniture and home decor. 

At the Battersea Decorative Fair, I reveled in french furniture of all kinds, from exquisite antique tables and bureaus to deconstructed sofas that evoked a French provincial vibe. Below is a collection of photos from that event:

And so began my journey, to find pieces that inspired and recreate them with the help of artisans and craftspeople to bring to American Francophiles like me, who just wanted to something beautiful and classic to adorn their space (without having to sell a kidney!).  

With our relaunch, we are working to make sure the wood used in making our furniture is from sustainable sources - most of it will be Acacia wood, a fast-growing and adaptive species that enables a sustainable supply of timber. In addition, Acacia is a hardwood, great for furniture making and we are using FSC certified wood, which ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

So onward to 2023!  We look forward to continuing our magnificent journey and bringing you along with us as we tell our story.  Don't forget to sign up below to receive our updates so we can keep you informed on our latest blog posts, launch details and photos of some French furniture eye-candy!   Very best, Elizabeth 

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