Gustavian Glory, French Style With Swedish Restraint

One of Manoir’s influences is the Swedish Gustavian style, a restrained interpretation of French neoclassicism. The combo of Swedish restraint and the French decorative style is the perfect pairing - calm, elegant and easy to live with. Think muted colors, furniture legs with scallop detailing, gilded chandeliers and large mirrors to maximize light during Sweden’s long winters. This photos above and below are from designer Lars Bolander’s beautiful book Scandinavian Design.

We love the way this furniture has detailing, including beautifully carved rosettes as well as an elegant silhouette, but it's not overdone due to the muted tones. We have sought to create the same effect some of our pieces, including the Madeleine Sofa pictured below. The sofa has the same rosette detailing and fluted legs, but has a modern look with it's rustic frame and the crisp linen upholstery in a neutral color with burlap side detail.

To complete the Gustavian look, add a gilt gold mirror like Manoir's Villecerf shown below to maximize light and create visual space.  Add a gilt gold chandelier to complete this stunning look. 

Use these tips to create your own version of Gustavian glory!


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