5 Easy Ways to Add Classic French Chic To Your Space

Whether inspired by a recent trip to France, your favorite design magazines, a certain show on Netflix 😏 or stunning looks on Pinterest, you've decided you want to incorporate some French chic into your interior...but you're not quite sure where to start.   Fear not, Manoir has a quick primer on how to easily infuse your decor with a certain  je ne sais quoi.  These five steps will transform your space into a haven of joie de vivre in no time! 

1. Incorporate French Furniture: One of the best ways to achieve a classic French chic look in your home decor is by incorporating some timeless pieces of furniture like an antique armoire, chaise lounge or Louis XVI chair.

2. Add Elegant Lighting Fixtures: Another great way to get that classic French chic look is with elegant lighting fixtures like sconces, chandeliers and wall lamps with ornate details and gold accents.

3. Use Neutral Colors: To create a subtle yet sophisticated atmosphere in your home, opt for neutral colors such as beige, taupe, cream and grey – it’s one of the best ways to achieve that classic French chic feel!

4. Invest In Quality Textiles: Nothing says “French chic” quite like quality textiles such as silk curtains, bedding sets and rugs made from luxurious materials like velvet or wool – all adding texture and warmth to any room!

5. Accessorize With Gold Accents: Last but not least – don’t forget about accessorizing with gold accents! This can include anything from small trinkets on shelves or tables to larger items such as vases or frames that have been gilded in gold for extra elegance.

Et voilà, if you use these tips, you are sure to find your space looking French chic tout de suite!  

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